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Graceful design and impeccable style

The interiors of Gardenhill are designed around shared spaces. Each residence features large timber panels, which neatly screen the kitchen and bedroom areas.The premium finishes of Gardenhill embrace natural materials for a rich sensory experience, connecting residents with nature through earthy tones, the texture of stone and the fine grain of timber.

A sophisticated neutral palette throughout with subtle variations in tone creates a beautiful foundation for a personal touch.

Flexible Spaces

Innovative screens for personal configuration

Many residences features large sliding timber panels that offer the convenience of closing off the kitchen after a relaxed dinner party with friends or separating the bedrooms and bathrooms from the living space to create a sophisticated and clean entertaining area. These innovative architectural features create an effortless flexibility of space without sacrificing functionality of individual rooms. The sliding panels create clean lines and an uncluttered aesthetic, drawing the eye to the expansive views outside.

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